Assistant Professor Darxside gained the achievement ‘Explore Uldum’

darxside - Explore Uldum: Explore Uldum, revealing the covered areas of the world map. [Akhenet Fields, Cradle of the Ancients, Khartut's Tomb, Lost City of the Tol'vir, Mar'at, Nahom, Neferset City, Obelisk of the Moon, Obelisk of the Stars, Obelisk of the Sun, Orsis, Ramkahen, Ruins of Ahmtul, Ruins of Ammon, Schnottz's Landing, Tahret Grounds, Temple of Uldum, The Cursed Landing, The Gate of Unending Cycles, Tombs of the Precursors, The Trail of Devastation, Vir'naal Dam] (10 pts)

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